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Our unique Singing Waiters offer you and your guests a stunning performance, packed with surprise, music, laughter and song. We have been performing as Singing Waiters for almost a decade and our impressive client list includes celebrities, the Royal family and many corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies.

How it works

Our performers blend in with the real staff at your event, wearing the same uniform and carrying out all the normal duties of a professional waiter: serving guests with witty charm and skill. We take on the role of totally convincing foreign waiters - in addition to being excellent singers our performers are also actors so expect impeccable accents and no-one will suspect a thing. As your guests arrive our Singing Waiters will be in their role as catering staff serving reception drinks and canapes. We work right at the front line of service building a wonderful rapport with guests to ensure that the later surprise has maximum impact.

Service will continue until it's time for the music performance - usually unfolding over dessert and coffee. Your guests will be amazed and delighted when announcements are made and the 'waiters' suddenly break into song. A typical performance would last for approximately 30 minutes although this can be shorter or longer as appropriate.

The way that we play music allows for a great deal of flexibility with our act. If your event has less than 100 guests then we can usually perform without amplification. For a larger event we bring along our sound engineers to ensure that the performance can fill any room. Some clients prefer us to perform as a "mix and mingle" act as we play music around the tables ensuring every guest receives a personal touch. We can serenade your guest of honour and move around to sing directly to guests without completely taking over your event.

If you are not having a formal dinner please do not worry as this act works perfectly with any format of event from a drinks reception to a party in your own home.

The Music

The Singing Waiters are unique because we don't sing to backing tracks so all of our music is played live on acoustic guitar. We have a really fun set-list of popular music and our selection covers a broad range of musical styles and genres from classic 'rat pack' music through to the modern day - with everything in between. If there is a specific song that you require then we are more than happy to put together an arrangement for you.


This act is suitable for any size of group and any venue. A performance can work unamplified to less than 100 guests or we can provide full production and perform for large scale events. Having performed at over a thousand events both in this country and overseas; this performance is perfect for:

Private Parties
Corporate Events

Having recently entertained The Royal Family - this act really does have something for everyone.

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